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Friday, 12 March 2010

My Booky Wooky

Text and Image 4 week project. The brief was to take a significant moment/memory from your life and illustrate it in a book form, the word 'book' being as broad as possible. I chose the memory of not being able to get into a playground when I was about 4 years old because of a fence, and the difficulty I had understanding that it belonged to the next housing district. The book was supposed to be annoying and difficult to read in format. A story runs through the whole book like a concertina, however the book is bound 2 thirds of the way up the book, which means you have to bend and flex the book to look inside and read the bulk of the story. The cover is made from mirrored card, which when put in the sleeve allows you to see yourself within a fence. The book also came with a poster with the entire story on it, however the sentences are crossed out to make it hard to read. The inside of the book is lined with my own photographs of 'looking through' fences and gates. However, Harry Bingham's book was the best. Bastard.

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